Parker Precision’s shop floor inspection cell supports zero escapes

16th Apr 2018

Zero defect manufacturing puts increased pressure on the aerospace supply chain, where, understandably, aerospace companies do not want to accept even minimal defects in parts

Parker Precision Limited have been working towards  the aerospace requirement of Zero Defects with their customers for some time now, with great success. One strategy for this is a target of zero escapes to meet and exceed the expectations of both our customers and the aerospace industry as a whole. This means, thanks to our shop floor inspection cell, we can identify and resolve any issues highlighted at point of cause, helping to strengthen our stringent quality checks during the manufacturing process.

Benefits of our automated shop floor inspection cell:

  • Improves quality by identifying defects during the first off and manufacturing processes
  • Instils confidence in the manufacturing processes
  • Helps reduces the bottleneck at final inspection, therefore increasing throughput
  • Long-term ROI of the automated inspection cell includes reducing factory set-up time, manufacturing defects and product lead time.

If you have any questions about our shop floor inspection cell, please contact us.